Evicted Tenant's Scam Had Everything but an Exit Plan

At some point after Kerrian McKenzie was informed of her impending eviction, the North Lauderdale woman hatched a plan: McKenzie moved out. Then, according to the Broward Sheriff's Office investigators, she posted an advertisement on Craigslist in which she claimed to be offering the very same home for rent.

McKenzie's plan claimed at least three victims, not counting the actual property owner, according to BSO. She confessed Wednesday to detectives and now faces three charges of grand theft. Investigators worry there are more victims.

A man named Jim Etienne, who worked with McKenzie for three years, reportedly gave her a $1,000 deposit and was planning to move in to the home at 8151 SW Third Court on August 22. A 32-year-old woman, Nadia Sol, paid $1,700 for her deposit and was scheduled for an August 27 move-in. That's the same day that Tenille Hosten, 31, was told she could live in the home after giving McKenzie a $400 deposit.

All the while, McKenzie herself was living in Port St. Lucie.

It's not quite clear how McKenzie thought she could keep this alleged scam going. It's so completely senseless that you can hardly blame the three victims. How were they to know that McKenzie was so terrible at designing a fraudulent scheme?

For anyone who has information on this case, check out the BSO release, which has contact information for the investigators.

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