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Ex-Husband Maligns Crist Donors

Charlie Crist and wife Carole Rome are recently returned from a star-studded fundraising trip to the Hamptons. Rome's ex, Todd Rome, was not invited, probably because he was a threat to give a toast like the one he gave to the New York Post:

"THEY figure they might as well come to the Hamptons and get the money from people who don't give a [bleep]."
What vicious slander! As the blog that previewed the shindig last week and that linked to the guestlist, it behooves us to defend the honor of Crist's New York cheering section.

Are you telling me, Todd, that Yankees leftfielder Johnny Damon doesn't "give a [bleep]" about Crist winning Florida's open Senate seat? Or that his wife  turned SI swimsuit model wife, Michelle, is also [bleeping] apathetic?

Most years, the NBA schedule calls for the New York Knicks to play two games in Miami and two games in Orlando, which means forward Al Harrington is liable to spend most of a week in Florida, assuming he's still with the team 2010-11, when Crist would take office.

As for the rest at this dinner? They all give a great big [bleep]! The filthy rich need lots of political favors, and it's rare to find a senator with such a swell chance at winning and such a streak for helping his fairweather friends.

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Thomas Francis