Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament: Catching Sea Monsters the Size of Your Vessel

It's been called the grizzly-bear hunting of the angling world -- catching gigantic fish from the fiberglass tub known as a kayak.

Quality Coral is putting on an inaugural Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament on Saturday at the Pompano Beach Pier, with the chance to win some prizes and the proceeds from the event going to the Florida Humane Society.

We're pretty sure there's a Jaws reference in here somewhere, but the photos of the fish these guys and gals are catching in these kayaks are almost surreal:

We found that Jaws reference we were looking for, courtesy of Police Chief Martin Brody: "You're gonna need a bigger boat."

But don't try telling that to these guys.

Paddleboarders are also welcome to join the tournament, but of course, no motors allowed for this one.

All pictures from the Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament.

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