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Extremists Strike in Pompano, and "a Mench for the Bench" Gets Sued

[UPDATE: County Judge Mary Rudd Robinson has filed a lawsuit to disqualify her opponent in the judicial race, Jordan Howard Breslaw. Why? Because "Jordan Howard Breslaw... does not exist," according to the suit filed by attorney Bill Scherer. See the jump for more.]

Religious and political extremists have struck in Pompano Beach.

I'm not talking about the Islamic leader who gave the invocation at a recent Pompano commission meeting. I'm talking about a small group of yahoos who are complaining that a Muslim shouldn't be allowed to lead a prayer at an official proceeding in the United States of America.

Several protesters, most of them from outside the city, have carped at commissioners for letting Imam Hasan Sabri say the prayer, according to the Sun-Sentinel. The leader of the anti-Islam crowd is WFTL-850 radio voice Joyce Kaufman, who called it "an ideology that conflicts with our Judeo-Christian values and our principles."

That's wrong on so many levels, I don't know where to start. But what did Sabri say that was so offensive to Kaufman and the rest of the Taliban flipsiders? Well, he struck a humble peaceful tone in his prayer, which ended, "Keep our city safe. Guide its officials to take the right steps. Bring the hearts of the citizens of the city together, and make it a prosperous one."

Stone him to death!

But the real irony is that the intolerantes could actually lead to some good: They've caused the city to reconsider the ill-conceived practice of prayer before

politics. Pompano Commissioner George Brummer says he thinks maybe the city should stop with the prayers and have a moment of silence instead.

Damn, you mean, actually separate the state from church? There's a novel idea.

Alas, it went to a vote last month and unfortunately was defeated in a tie, proving once again that evolution doesn't come easy in Pompano.

-- UPDATE: County Judge Mary Judd Robinson filed suit today against her opponent, Jordan Howard Breslaw, claiming he is running with a false name. The suit claims that Breslaw's name is actually "Jordan Jordan," which is true. Jordan had his name changed to "Jordan Howard Jordan" in 1991. The complaint shows that he uses the name "Jordan Jordan" not only on his book but on his house, car, businesses, phone listings, and Florida Bar. The suit was filed by attorney Bill Scherer, who filed a similar suit against Mardi Levy Cohen.  

Been meaning to include the following missive from the campaign of Jordan Breslaw Jordan Howard Jordan, or whatever that guy's name is who is running for judge. He didn't think it was fair that I said I didn't think he was qualified based on a horrid book he wrote that instructed parents how to make their children into millionaires.

His campaign slogan: "Elect a Mench to the Bench." Interestingly, he calls himself "Jordan" throughout the email. Don't know if he's being overfamiliar or if he's just reverting to the name he's been using for nearly 20 years.

That's his misspelling of mensch, not mine, by the way. Here's what he wrote me:

Dear Bob Norman:

This email is in response to what we consider irresponsible journalism and your assertion that Jordan Howard Breslaw is "Unqualified". First, you have never met Jordan Howard Breslaw and you have never talked with Jordan Howard Breslaw. Second, the only thing you seem to know is that Jordan wrote a very successful title, "How to Raise Millionaire Children", which teaches parents the strategies wealthy people use to raise happy, healthy and successful children.   

Jordan has 23 years of experience as a Doctor and 13 years of experience as a Civil Trial Attorney (Plaintiff and Defense). Who's more qualified to try a PIP-suit, Medical Malpractice or Personal Injury case, Jordan or Criminal Judge Mary Rudd Robinson? Jordan has over 20 years of experience as a landlord, real estate investor and construction litigation attorney. Who's more qualified to try a mechanic's lien, construction, foreclosure or real estate contract case, Jordan or Criminal Judge Mary Rudd Robinson? Jordan has owned a Real Estate Investment Company, Book Publishing Company, Law Office and Wellness Center. Who's more qualified to hear a commercial litigation or business dispute case, Jordan or Criminal Judge Mary Rudd Robinson?  Jordan was a Certified Guardian Ad Litem protecting the lives of abused, abandoned and neglected children. Who's more qualified to hear a dependency case, Jordan or Criminal Judge Mary Rudd Robinson? Jordan owned a Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center for 20 years. Who's more qualified to hear a family law case, Jordan or Criminal Judge Mary Rudd Robinson? Jordan owns a Book Publishing Business. Who's more qualified to hear a first amendment case, Jordan or Criminal Judge Mary Rudd Robinson? Jordan has experience as a committeeman on 2 homeowner's association boards. Who's more qualified to hear a homeowner's dispute, Jordan or Criminal Judge Mary Robinson? Jordan is a Florida Supreme Court Circuit Civil Mediator and Qualified Arbitrator. Who has better mediation, arbitration and negotiation skills, Jordan or Criminal Judge Mary Robinson? Jordan worked as In House Counsel for a Major Commercial Insurance Carrier and has extensive experience with insurance related litigation. Who's more qualified to qualified to hear a case related to insurance litigation or bad faith, Jordan or Criminal Judge Mary Rudd Robinson.

The significant difference between Jordan and Mrs. Robinson is that Mrs. Robinson has never been in private practice and Jordan has 10X more legal, real life and business experience that can be applied to the bench, which is why Broward should "ELECT A MENCH TO THE BENCH!" 

Bob, as a journalist and as a service to your audience, we think you should be a little more open-minded. Further, we respect that you have a first amendment right to publish, but we honestly feel you should interview Jordan and get real facts prior to misrepresenting Jordan's extensive qualifications. Moreover, we are absolutely confident Jordan will go down in history as one of the best Judges Broward ever had.

Very sincerely yours,

Campaign to Elect Dr. Jordan Howard Breslaw, Esq.
Broward County Judicial Candidate; Group #14
5645 Coral Ridge Dr., #123
Coral Springs, Fl 33076

-- Attorney Mike Ryan is running against Sunrise Mayor Roger Wishner. Let's face it, Wishner deserves to lose. He's blown it on so many levels, from the Everglades Corporate Park to the garbage dump disaster to that pompous Hummer he drives. Time to give someone else a shot.  

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