Failed Vice Presidential Candidate Recommends Allen West for Vice President, Again

Sarah Palin reiterated her belief yesterday that Congressman Allen West is the best choice for vice president, touting his military service and saying that the eventual Republican nominee shouldn't feel obligated to pander to the Republican establishment.

"When I talk about going rogue, what I want is to encourage the GOP nominee to not think that they have to go with somebody necessarily safe," she said.


Palin did not point out what happened the last time a Republican nominee went rogue and picked someone who wasn't safe, but the fact that she's bloviating on Fox News and not attending meetings in the Oval Office says enough.

Palin last recommended West for the vice presidency last month. When asked about it on CNN, West responded that he was "always willing and ready to serve my country in whatever capacity that the American people would desire."

Here's a sliced-up video of Palin's interview yesterday; looking for a full copy, but this will have to do for now:

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