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Fake Doctor Arrested After Krazy Glue Surgeries In West Palm Motel

Calvin Butler is in Palm Beach County Jail on a $100,000 bond, after being arrested Tuesday night and charged with practicing medicine without a license.

The medicine Butler practiced?

Injecting silicone into patients' asses in a West Palm Beach motel and closing the wounds with Krazy Glue.

Because, what could possibly go wrong with visiting a guy who says he's a doctor in a motel room with a giant plastic syringe and a Walgreens bag filled with Krazy Glue packets?

This is the second time Butler's been arrested for playing doctor with medical supplies purchased at a hardware store.

Cops arrested Butler, 44, in back in January, after two unidentified patients -- a man and a woman -- came forward and reported to authorities that they went to the motel and got shot up by Butler.

Reportedly, Butler even followed one of his patents to the hospital by going all Heath Ledger as the Joker and putting on a wig, breaking into the patient's hospital room and threatening the man saying, "You need to remember who the fuck is in charge!"

Doctor Rubberass! That's who!

According to the arrest report, Butler told the male patient who visited his motel room to strip. He then took a felt-tip marker and began to mark out the areas on the patient's buttocks that the "Doc" said "needed fullness."

To put the man at ease, Butler poured some of the silicone fluid into his own hand and rubbed it on his own face.

"See," Butler then said, "it's real silicone. I wouldn't be able to put this in my eyes if it were fake."

See? My face is not melting because fake silicone is basically acid. So everything's fine. Just like they taught me at John Herpkins University! 

Butler then poured the silicone into a plastic cup, pulled out a syringe and filled it. He then jabbed the victim in the butt several times, and injected him with silicone.

Butler used Krazy Glue to seal the puncture wounds.

Insanely enough, the victim returned for more sessions during a 10-week period, paying $200 each time.

After the fourth and final session, the puncture wounds got infected. SHOCKING!

Butler gave the man antibiotics that, might as well have been Tic Tacs because, in yet another shocking development in this story, they didn't fight off the infection.

The man soon checked himself into a hospital, where doctors were able to perform surgery.

Sadly, Butlers victims will likely be disfigured for life now.

Police are hoping more victims will come forward.

From looking at the mugshot, Calvin -- who also goes by "Tamieka" -- has performed the surgery on his own face.

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