Fake Pilot Arrested After Trying to Board A Plane To West Palm Beach

Philippe Jeannard, a 60-year old Frenchman, was looking to travel from Philadelphia to West Palm Beach.

Unfortunately for Jeannard, he was unable to get a business-class upgrade on a US Airways flight.

So, he did the next best thing.

He put on a French airline pilot uniform and grabbed a seat in the cockpit.

Oh, by the way, both those things are illegal. And he was arrested.

Sacre bleu!

According to police, Jeannard initially argued with a US Airways crew member working at the gate when he was denied his business class upgrade.

He demanded the upgrade, but was told there was simply no more seats in business class to hand out.

According to police spokeswoman Officer Christina O'Brien, Jeannard "became irate and told [the crew member] that he hated Americans," which is so French.

Jeannard, who was wearing a black jacket with gold stripes emblazoned on them, and a white button-down shirt with an Air France logo on the breast, angrily boarded the plane. 

But, instead of heading to his assigned seat, he walked into the cockpit where pilots from other airlines usually can catch a ride. He told the pilots he was a 747 pilot. And they bought it. Because, why not?

But, as it is before every take off, the crew woman who had been arguing with Jeannard walked into the cockpit to give the captain the passenger count. That's when she saw Philippe sitting in the jump seat, probably with a glass of wine and reading something existential.

The co-pilot asked for some paper work, but Jeannard had none. That's when it was time for him to pack up his baguettes and his beret and get off the plane.

The cops were called and Jeannard was arrested. He's facing several charges including criminal trespass and record tampering, could be facing federal charges as well.

No word on if Jeannard told the crew that he fart in their general direction.

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