Fake Rick Scott Versus Real Rick Scott: Both Jackasses?

We've been spouting our concerns about our new governor, Rick Scott, since long before he was elected. The man was behind a giant Medicare fraud case. But it just goes to prove that even when you're scheming to bilk money from unsuspecting citizens, Floridians will come to the rescue and elect you to lead the state. 

And those kinds of "everyone wins (just kidding)" stories is where the best of social media emerges.

The Juice was alerted to a fake Rick Scott Twitter account yesterday called @FLGovRickScott. Although the account's page clearly says "Not Rick Scott," it would be easy for a die-hard conservative to mistake it for Gov. Scott's real account: @FLGovScott

The fake account makes fun of Scott's fraud cases and responds to tweeters in a self-righteous, asshole manner. 

The real Rick Scott had an innovative idea shortly after taking office. He held a "Twitter Town Hall" yesterday, using Twitter for the first time ever to answer questions from worried citizens in 140 characters or less.

But citizens got confused and started asking questions of the fake Scott account and getting answers that weren't very pleasant.

Then Rick Scott did something by accident that caught the attention of Tampa Bay's WTSP-TV: He retweeted a tweet in which someone called him a "jackass."

That mistake could spell the end of this innovative idea from upstate. According to the video below, the real Gov. Scott went quiet for five minutes, deleted that tweet, and ended the town hall. 

Oh well, he tried.

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Devin Desjarlais