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Fake Twitter Account Paints Lake Worth Commissioner Scott Maxwell as Loony, Racist

We entirely understand Lake Worth Commissioner Scott Maxwell's failure to reply to our requests for comment. After all, the parody twitter account that poses as an arm of Maxwell's re-election campaign hasn't drawn much notice outside his little city. Or so it would appear from the number of followers it's collected (like, three).

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But people are talking about it, and Lake Worth blogger extraordinaire Wes Blackman (one of the account's followers) has written it up, to much bizarre and hilarious comment.

Riffing on the three-time commissioner's history of fierce rhetoric about undocumented immigrants, @scottmaxwell 2014 touts the commish as a "maligned defender of anglo values and culture," with tweets ridiculous and absurd (and pretty damned funny), for example:

Unfortunately illegal aliens are not our only problem. LW is OVERRUN with aliens from other planets as well, & they are stealing my thoughts

I dream of a Lake Worth where the white race is free to ride 4 wheelers on the beach without big govt's head up our a**es

We're especially taken by the list of twitter accounts @scottmaxwell2014 is following, including: Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Ted Nugent, Donald Trump, blogger Blackman and (of course) Fox News.

It's not the first time Maxwell has suffered such slings and arrows. In 2009 the short-lived blog The Lake Worth Wingnut celebrated his first re-election:

The swearing in and ritual bloodletting of Scott Maxwell and his intestinal reptilian brood for Lake Worth District I Overlord was disrupted Tuesday afternoon when local wingnut-patriot Ana Rodriguez rappeled down the side of city hall and assaulted Maxwell, ripping the face off his fleshsuit, revealing the slightly more hideous reptilian visage beneath. Rodriguez was detained by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's office, but escaped from custody when her arresting officers abandoned their vehicle to pursue an ice cream cart.

The Wingnut's mention of Ana Rodriguez, prominent in Lake Worth's immigrant rights/green anarchist activist community, and it and the parody twitter account's references to Maxwell's alleged "reptilian" blood have lead to speculation the twitter account is a product of that pinko contingent.

That reasonable assumption fed into a stream of comments on Wes Blackman's blog (a magnet to ElDub's mainstream loonies) concluding with this warning, about Panagioti Tsolkas, another prominent ElDub leftie:

If you have studied the tactics of EarthFirst! and Mr Panagioti Tsolkas you'll come across the term "horizontal decision-making."...The reason Mr. Panagioti Tsolkas and his "lieutenants" maintain this so-called horizontal organization is it shields them from responsibility and culpability. If, say, for example, EF stages an event like an "EarthFirst! Film Fest" and one of their members gets unhinged and poisons a water source or derails a train Mr. Tsolkas can say, "It wasn't me Officer. I had nothing to do with it."... My bet is Mr. Tsolkas is getting very, very close to being a dead-ender looking to go out in a blaze of glory. All the signs were there! Sadly, witnesses stated, after David Koresh, Jim Jones, and many lesser unpublicized dead-enders committed their selfish deeds.

That kind of comment -- truly meant, as opposed to the parody Scott Maxwell tweets -- is a fair indication of how stupid and vicious Lake Worth's political dialogue can be. At least @scottmaxwell2014 shows some wit.

[Note to editor: According to another Blackman blog reader, the parody account is

written by a woman who blogs for the Broward/Palm Beach New Times..they are trying to create a satirical companion piece for their article in 2010 about Maxwell. its going to look more stupid than anything..

Please give that unnamed female colleague a raise.]

[[Editor's Note: New Times writers would not have time to run a parody Twitter account, as they are shackled to their desks for 98 percent of the day, feeding the content machine. And if this commenter is speculating that it's Lisa Rab, hate to tell ya, but she moved to North Carolina almost two years ago.]]

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