Fake Utility Worker Trying to Get Into Tamarac Homes

So apparently there's a guy walking around Tamarac, and knocking on people's doors pretending to be a utility worker.

According to the Broward Sheriff's Office, the man has been spotted going door-to-door and trying to get into people's homes by claiming he was there to "check the water system."

The man, described as 5-8 and wearing a baseball cap, was reportedly dressed in a blue uniform shirt and plaid shorts.


The plaid-short wearing "utility guy" was seen walking around the Lime Bay community, which is made up mostly of condos, off McNab Road west of Pine Island Road earlier this week.

A note on the man has been posted on a bulletin board at the condos to alert people who live in the community to keep an eye out, and to not let him in.

So far, no crimes have been reported.

But it's still a little creepy that a dude is walking around in plaid shorts pretending to be a utility worker and trying to gain access into people's homes.

Authorities say that if you live in the are, or in Tamarac, and are expecting a legit utility worker to come to your home, to check for proper ID.

The BSO says anyone who notices a suspicious person -- plaid shorts or not -- should call 911.

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