Family Defends Foreclosed Home with Enormous 'We Are Fighting Back' Signs

A Pembroke Pines family with a foreclosure case pending against them is attempting a new tactic to draw attention to their plight. Ginger Luznar and her family posted huge signs in their yard with messages like "The bank is trying to steal my home." 

"When you feel helpless...what do you do?" Luznar says, "I'm desperate. I feel helpless."

She and her family hung the signs on Friday, after informing neighbors and having them sign-off on the idea. Her neighborhood fully supported her, she says. Some people even wrote encouraging notes. "I don't know how else to fight this. I'm not bringing my signs down," she says.

Luznar's lawyer, Martin McCarthy, says that the family entered into a modification agreement with Deutsche Bank and that the bank brought foreclosure suits against the homeowners several times, only to subsequently dismiss them.

The most recent time, however, the bank started foreclosure processes without serving the proper documents to alert the homeowners."[Luznar] proved to the court that she had never been served," McCarthy says, adding that the family found out that their home was in foreclosure when the sheriff came to evict them.

In an emergency hearing, the Luznars successfully proved that they did not know their home was once again being foreclosed on; they acted in a timely manner once they found out, and they showed that they had paid their mortgage as dictated by their modification agreements. Meeting these three conditions allows the family to stay in their home while the foreclosure case is sorted out and brought in front of a judge.

"They've taken our money, our security, our piece of mind. I have to fight back somehow and how do you fight a bank?" Luznar says. She and her husband spent money set aside for her son's tuition to fight their foreclosure. Luznar also created a website at www.fraudulentforeclosure.us.


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