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Fan Who Ran on Court During Heat Game Really, Really Loves LeBron James

As you can no doubt recall, a crazy-ass fan ran onto the court during the Heat-Cavs game Wednesday night. It was just one of the plethora of The Crazy that happened in Miami's 98-95 win over Cleveland.

The fan, donning a T-shirt that basically carried a message to LeBron that Cleveland misses him and that he should come back in 2014, was immediately corralled by security, but not before getting his head patted by LeBron like a puppy.

Turns out that fan really, really, ridiculously loves LeBron James

Even more than we do!

The fan, 20-year-old James Blair, lives in Ohio and basically has a shrine built to LeBron in his bedroom.

He's followed LeBron his since high school playing days and has an assload of LeBron gear, including 35 pieces of apparel jerseys, and T-shirts, ten pairs of shoes, two LeBron fatheads, and a life-sized cardboard LeBron cutout. He also has countless bobble heads, cards, and limited-edition items. Blair is also constantly searching for more LeBron stuff on eBay, because he apparently doesn't have it all.

His Twitter feed -- which features a photo of himself almost shaking hands with LBJ as Heat security tackles him -- is another sort of shrine and mainly features tweets of Blair getting yelled at by ornery Cavs fans and LeBron haters.

Blair has found some fame with his stunt. And he certainly found the nuttiest, most illegal way of meeting his idol. But he's been tagged with a lifetime ban from the Quicken Loans Arena (he's currently appealing that decision) and looking at some jail time and fees.

But LeBron patted him on the head, so there's that.


We've been accused of meta-hyperbole with our love for all things LeBron (some have even told us to "get off his dick" via the comments and Twitter!). We've also made numerous references to LeBron as a basketball deity.

James Blair, however, has one-upped us and made it real. 

Shine on, you crazy diamond.

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