Fashionable Inauguration Parties Will Serve Barack O'buca Till You Puke-a

The view from my train, bound for the center of the political universe

After trekking 21+ hours by Amtrak from West Palm Beach to Washington DC.   -- along with  140 kids from a high school marching band and conductors who swore they had graduated from "Choo Choo U."  --  the first thing I wanted was a drink. Well, a nap, a shower, then a drink.

At a charming downtown bar called Kelly's Irish Times, I hung out with a guy who was a legislative aide to a Congressman by day and a bartender by night. (Yes, legislative aides make so little they need second jobs.) He said that he expected to get busier with President Obama in office: "Democrats are good for the bar business. Republicans don't drink as much." Asked if he knew of any trendy Barack Obama -inspired alcoholic drinks, he said yes, just one:

It's called the Barack O'buca and it's made of:
1/2 shot black sambuca
1/2 shot white sambuca
On ice.

Much more clever than the Barackatini, I'll say.

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