FAU Green Mann Banned From Dancing On Campus

We think it's nice that the Sun-Sentinel has started writing about Green Mann, even if it's four months after we started. Last week the paper had a feature about him, and this week they covered news of his banning.

That's right, Michael Buoniato, the FAU student known as Green Mann, who dresses in a costume of green licra and dances around campus to the delight of his fellow students, has been banned from dressing up and performing in school buildings.

At the end of last semester, Green Mann was arrested after interrupting music professor Rebecca Lautar's even class. (Hilarious video of an extremely pissed instructor here.) Since then he's been told not to

wear his costume or dance in any FAU building. (He's still permitted -- encouraged even -- to wear his suit at off-campus venues.)

But Lautar spotted Green Mann on campus recently and notified school authorities. "Every student on campus has had a class interrupted by this young man," she told the Sun-Sentinel recently. "He thinks it's funny. They think it's funny. It's not. It's a safety issue. Anyone could walk in dressed like that."

Green Mann has said he went into a building once, to get a drink of water. He has a student conduct hearing scheduled for next week and doesn't want to comment until then.

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