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FAU Prof. James Tracy Finally Apologizes but Still Peddling Conspiracies

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A lot of things strike Tracy as strange. Most of the mass shootings have seemed odd, as well as the killing of Osama Bin Laden and the Greek debt crisis. He doesn't know who's pulling the strings -- but he says someone definitely is.

"I've written about a variety of very controversial stances," he said. "I like to get people to think. That's why I have the profession that I have, and that's what I do as a scholar."

Then he quickly clarifies. His blog,, isn't a place of academic work exactly. It's his personal thoughts -- though they're amplified by his scholarly work and oftentimes construed as scholarly work.

And as for his real research? Tracy has published an underwhelming 15 articles in his ten years at FAU -- on topics ranging from reggae music to librarians. None of these articles rises to his blog's level of controversy or bombast. That's because academia requires proof -- something Tracy never has, nor wants to get.

"It's more important to ask questions sometimes than to provide answers," he said, later saying he would never want to be a reporter because that would ground his thoughts in what he could prove or disprove. Tracy's not interested in truth. He's interested in conspiracy.

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