Devin Desjarlais is The Juice's behind-the-scenes contact in the on-going saga of Florida Atlantic University vs. the University Press. She is the former Editor in Chief of the University Press and currently serves as Web Editor. She is also Broward Palm Beach New Times' Assistant Web Editor. 

FAU to Newspaper Editor: You Can't Share Public Information

It looks like Florida Atlantic University is vaguely

threatening the student newspaper adviser

- again.

Karla Bowsher, Editor in Chief
Karla Bowsher, Editor in Chief
University Press

​​​Karla Bowsher, Editor-in-Chief of the University Press, is sitting on the search committee that will choose FAU's first Assistant Student Media Director. That committee has the job of picking one person to replace the two part-time student media advisers that were fired a month ago: Michael Koretzky and Pete Montalbano.

Prior to their first meeting on June 22, committee chair and Dean of Students Dr. Corey King, emailed the committee members. In that email he provided log-in information to the website where they could view the applicants' resume. 

In that email, he wrote, "The Guest User account is for the use of search committees and other people within your department."

Bowsher did what shared the log-in information with those she considered part of her "department," including Koretzky, who applied for the new position but was shot down. 

Koretzky took that information wrote a blog post about it, comparing his experience to some of the other woefully unqualified candidates.

Dr. Corey King, Dean of Students
Dr. Corey King, Dean of Students

​​Dr. King was none to happy about that post. In response he emailed the committee again, again suggesting that the applications should remain confidential:

"As search committee chair, I have requested to the Human Resources Department to provide a new access code for the applications/resumes for Assistant Director of Student Media ... I also remind you of the confidentiality obligations of search committee members in relation to this search and the applications/resumes submitted."

However, Koretzky, a vocal champion of the First Amendment and a free press (he organized various festivals celebrating the First Amendment during his tenure as a student adviser) was not going away quietly. He says he contacted a lawyer from the Student Press Law Center, who said that the applications were public record. Florida Statue, Chapter 119.01 reads, "It is the policy of this state that all state, county, and municipal records are open for personal inspecting and copying by any person." FAU is a public state university.

Dr. King could not be reached for comment.

Bowsher is happy to share the applications with any interested parties; just email her.

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