FAU's "Green Mann" to Ceremoniously Unveil Himself, Dance for Students

The anonymous, green-Lycra-clad student who dances around the Florida Atlantic University campus will unmask himself today in front of a group of what will likely include hundreds of people.

Though the University Press, one of the school newspapers, reported his name after he was arrested on campus for disrupting a music class, this will be the first time the self-monikered "Green Mann" will unveil himself willingly to his fellow students. On a Facebook page, more than 700 people have indicated they will attend the event, planned for 1 p.m. "smack in the middle of FAU."

This will be the moment the entire anonymous semester has been building to, says Green Mann, who claims he's trying to encourage environmentalism. "I will be removing my suit and revealing my face, putting a face to the name," he told me earlier this week. He expects music and "lots of dancing."

He says the entire event shouldn't take more than 20 minutes. His arrest, it seems, taught him a valuable lesson: "I know that many students have exams and don't want to distract them from their academics," he says. "I learned distracting kids from their studies is a big 'no no' from the police." (After the arrest, "Free Green Mann" stickers have started appearing around campus.)

Since the green suit he wears doesn't allow for much talking, he hopes he'll finally have a chance to chat with some of his fans -- he has more than 3,700 on Facebook. "I want to talk to the students and finally have them hear my voice and see my facial reactions," he says. He's also eager to finally answer some of the questions he's been getting all semester. Questions, he explains, like: "Can you breathe in it? Can you see in that? Are you a boy or a girl? (From a toddler at Mizner Park.) Why didn't your parents love you? Do they sell those in sizes for men?"

He says he's eager, but not for the reasons you might guess. "I am extremely nervous," he says jokingly. "Not about having people seeing me out of my suit but the amount of stardom I will receive. I already have girls chase me through FAU like an Axe spray commercial."

The decision to reveal himself has not been easy, he says. "I was surprised when University Press leaked my identity but relieved to see that my Facebook photo at the time hid my face with a pancake," he says. "There are many students telling me not to reveal. They love the mystique of an unknown man dressed in green spandex."

But Green Mann promised that when he had 3,700 Facebook friends, he'd unmask himself. "Since I am a man of my word, I have to take off my suit. It was really comforting to have the support on Facebook from most of the student body."

For the people who delight in spotting him on campus or love watching him dance, he hopes nothing will change. "Maybe a few more friends to play volleyball with and have random dance parties," he says. "Green Mann will continue to appear around FAU, Atlantic Ave, Las Olas, Mizner Park, anywhere that Green Mann is not banned from."

He also has some business plans: "Going green is still going to be my mantra, and I am currently looking for a business to advertise on my suit," he says. "I won't retire the suit, and I plan on dancing even harder next semester. Also, expect a flash mob soon on campus!"

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