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FAU's James Tracy on Boston Bombing: The Government Planned It

FAU tenured Professor James Tracy, who took some withering backlash earlier this year when he questioned whether a gunman had actually killed children at Sandy Hook Elementary, is back at it.

This time, Tracy -- who makes more than $60,000 per year in public money and teaches courses on conspiracy theories -- thinks the Boston bombing was a hoax. According to an impossibly long and impossibly confusing missive he posted yesterday on his blog, the professor of communications thinks the government planted "mass-casualty drill actors" at the Boston Marathon before the bombs exploded.

"A multitude of evidence has already emerged in the last few days suggesting government involvement in the Boston bombing," Tracy clacked. "None of this information has been ferreted out or acknowledged by major news outlets, which... contribute to the mass psychological effect and provide additional rationale for a heightened police state."

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