Faux Ho Hannah Giles to Speak at West Palm Tea Party Tax Rally

The South Florida Tea Party has landed itself a minicelebrity for the anti-tax rally tomorrow in downtown West Palm: Hannah Giles, the young woman who in August 2009 pretended to be a prostitute for a pimp seeking help with tax evasion and human smuggling from ACORN, the voting registration outfit that has a role in most modern right-wing conspiracy theories.

Of course, that video proved to be a triumph in clever editing rather than evidence of criminal conduct. But it succeeded in turning young Giles into a glamorous political celebrity, and maybe that was the point.

The Giles appearance, however, brings the risk of causing more friction between local tea partiers, especially if Fort Lauderdale tea party activists get jealous. Their most glamorous celebrity speaker: radio host Joyce Kaufman. Ouch.

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