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Female FAU Police Employees Recall Sexual Harassment by Jimmy Dac Ho

Jimmy Dac Ho, the 47-year-old Vietnamese-American man who has been charged with fatally shooting escort Sheri Carter a month ago, resigned from his job as a Florida Atlantic University police officer after confessing to the shooting.

Ho met Carter through the escorts listing section on Backpage.com. He and Carter were allegedly arguing over money in her apartment when he pulled a gun on her. Reports in Ho's FAU personnel file reveal that several of his female coworkers had complained to supervisors about sexually inappropriate behavior by Ho.

One security officer who stated a wish to remain anonymous wrote that while she was helping to decorate the front desk of a residence hall, he called the front desk phone and told her, "I like what I see." She stated that she thought he was watching her on the security cameras and commenting on her physique.

The employee states that during the 2007-08 academic year, a resident assistant was sitting at the desk and Ho called her to say something like, "Oh, you must be cold because I can see it in your shirt."

The employee continues, "These sexual innuendos did cease after that year and the corporal [Ho] became much less visible around the residence halls."

Another Community Service Officer, who does not wish to be identified, wrote to a supervisor, Major Brammer, about a number of contacts she had with Ho. She states that in summer 2009, she got a text message saying "Welcome home young lady..." She replied, thinking it was from a friend, then left the conversation. "The next day at work Cpl. Ho walks into the... office and asks me why I stopped texting him back last night," she stated.

"About 5 or 6 times Cpl. Ho had texted me as soon as I got on shift and ask[ed] me to meet him somewhere," she wrote.

Other allegations:

Cpl. Ho has told me that his is 'not attracted to his race' and at one time had even told me that he was attracted to women with my skin complexion and hair color.

Cpl. Ho has been known by several of the female dispatchers to call the recorded line... and ask if he could "talk dirty" to them...

Cpl. Ho has asked me if I would go to dinner with him on more than one occasion. On one occasion we went to Annie's on campus and Cpl. Ho insisted that he pay for my meal...

After I had been working at the police department for a year, it was time for me to move my stuff out... Cpl. Ho had asked me what I was going to do with my belongings and told me that if I wanted, I could use his apartment for a storage location. I declined his offer.

Between this and the case of Sheri Carter, it appears that Ho was a lonely man who was ready to take on desperate measures to seek the company of women. He had divorced his estranged wife, Wendy Ho, after a series of alleged domestic-abuse incidents that caused him to lose his former job with the Broward Sheriff's Office.

Ho's supervisors in the FAU police department issued him a written reprimand in February 2010 for the alleged sexual harassment of his coworkers.

Updated on 2/10 to remove the name of a subject who had given a statement with the assumption of anonymity.

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