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Ferguson: Lesbian Scene Is Hot in Delray

We're very well aware that Broward and Palm Beach counties do not draw high-voltage celebrities in the same way as L.A. or New York. (And if we forget, we always have Donald Trump to remind us.)  Yet we do sometimes marvel at the bizarre mix of notables that rumble through town.  We've got Rush Limbaugh, Vanilla Ice, and the Williams sisters as residents. Bruce Springsteen stops by to watch his daughter ride horses in Wellington; Dennis Rodman pops up at local clubs in drag; and who could ever forget Anna Nicole Smith's last visit?  Seriously, this place can feel like a weird vortex of famous faces. Like celebrity quicksand. 

B-list as we may be, catching a famous person on our turf is still always good for a little thrill, and hitting the national radar makes us feel all special inside.  Hence, we will heretofore chronicle our famous connections (if or when we happen to notice them).  Feel free to send tips! (And yes -- when in Manalapan, do chase down Don King with your camera phone and send us pics! He loves that!) 

This train of thought began on Tuesday night, when the very funny Craig Ferguson (host of the Late Late Show on CBS) was interviewing some actress who hails from Tampa.  Ferguson mentioned that he knew Delray Beach pretty well.  Why? Because he hits up the lesbian poetry nights there. 

Hmmm.  Have you ever run into CF at a local lesbian bar?  His story sounds plausible --  as evidenced by this clip on his love for the ladies who love ladies: 

-- Deirdra Funcheon

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Deirdra Funcheon

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