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Fewer New Yorkers Are Flipping Us Off, State Considers Expanding Lanes for Range Rovers

Fewer outsiders are moving to Florida, and the biggest drop in newcomers is among New Yorkers. The number of New Yorkers registering to drive in Florida has dropped by 50 percent in recent years, leading to what I'm sure will be remembered as The Great New Yorker Shortage of 2009.

It'd be easy to make light of those Bronx-accented bastards who push you out of the way in the Publix deli line or see it as their God-given right to take your wife home from the bar when you HAVEN'T EVEN FINISHED EATING! But I'm going to say that our state benefits from the presence of rude-ass New Yorkers, because where else can you get flipped off from an elderly Brooklynite wearing a guayabera?

After the jump, FDOT considers expanding the highway lanes that separate us from Manhattanites.

State Considers Expanding Range Rover Lanes

If there's one thing the rich have learned about Miami-Dade's I-95 express lanes, it's that they've finally figured out a way to apply the Titanic-style steerage class to the highway system. The express lanes have been so successful at separating the rich into their own lanes that FDOT is now studying whether to continue them all the way north through Palm Beach County.

It might be easy to feel jaded about seeing our tax dollars go to tearing up I-95, only to build lanes for the rich. But the way I see it, we're building lanes to separate us from the New Yorkers. If only we could do the same at TooJay's.

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