Fiddler on the Roof: Deputies Find Fugitive on Surveillance Video

When living as a fugitive of justice, especially one who has escaped from prison, it's advisable to stay away from convenience store cameras. But Palm Beach Sheriff's deputies say Scott Bosley, last seen in June 2008 fleeing the Loxahatchee Road Prison, couldn't resist the invitation of liquor stores with rooftop entrances and counters full of lotto tickets.

Bosley, it seems, was living with a lady friend, Kristie Wilson / Beverly who according to PBSO admitted that he gave her the lottery tickets that she used to pay the rent -- but that she "had no idea the tickets in question were stolen." Yep, apparently he was just your run-of-the-mill prison escapee with a magical penchant for producing huge quantities of lotto tickets. Like Santa Claus with a gambling habit.

The munificence didn't quite win him the loyalty of Wilson / Beverly who PBSO says identified Bosley on the surveillance video. She had her own probation violation to worry about. Deputies arrested Bosley today at Wilson / Beverly's home in West Palm Beach.

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