Fighting Allen West With...Allen West?

"Liberals want soldiers to die," blares the pop-up quote from Allen West. At first blush, the ad looks like it's touting West's congressional campaign.

But read a little closer, and you'll see it's intended to attack him. Read the fine print, and you'll discover the ad is paid for by the Florida Democratic Party.

Even stranger, the ad is posing as a petition drive. The petition asks West to apologize for, well, being himself. It's all part of a not-so-subtle tactic to win votes for Ron Klein, West's Democratic opponent.

Now, you may have noticed the Florida Dems are having a a bad week, thanks to the furor over another ad, which revealed West's Social Security number. This latest ad is not much better.

First, the "liberals want soldiers to die" statement is not a direct quote from West. It's a generous paraphrase of a comment he made on Blog Talk Radio, saying, "I prevented U.S. soldiers from losing their lives, which meant that they would not be able to be put in their [liberal] newspapers and talk about how terrible war is."

Call me picky, but with all the crazy things West's said in the past few months, there's truly no need to embellish or paraphrase.

Second, who is this ad targeting? West's supporters will read it and salute. Swing voters -- if there are any in a race between two polar opposites -- may not catch the fine print and just assume the ad is pro-West. If there's anyone out there-- red, blue, or purple-- who has not yet discovered West's virulent brand of self-aggrandizement, this might clue them in. But it might also leave them very, very confused.


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