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Filomena Tobias, Miami Heat Middle-Finger Lady, Changed Her Identity

Filomena Tobias, the Palm Beach socialite who became Internet Famous after she was caught shooting an angry bird at the Bulls' Joakim Noah during last year's NBA playoffs, has sold her home and changed her name.

She's the Keyser Söze of middle-finger ladies!

According to a report, records show that Tobias put her Jupiter home -- which is next door to Michael Jordan -- on the market.

A source close to Tobias confirmed to Gossip Extra that part of the reason she bolted was because of the instant infamy she received after actually doing what all Heat fans have always wanted to do: shoot an angry middle finger at Joakim Noah.

This is just the latest in what has been a wild ride of a life for the socialite.

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Tobias, 48, is the widow of hedge-funder Seth Tobias -- her fourth husband -- who was found dead in his own pool in 2007.

Filomena's internet psychic accused her of being Tobias' murderer. Seth Tobias, meanwhile, allegedly had an affair with a male stripper named Tiger.

At the time of the investigation, detectives found an Internet psychic Filomena had hired for a $5-per-minute session. The fortuneteller claimed that Tobias confessed to her that she had murdered her husband.

Filomena was then held as a person of interest until Seth's death was ruled accidental.

Seth Tobias' autopsy eventually revealed that a high amount of drugs and alcohol were in his system at the time of death.

All of this was locally known. Until Filomena attended Game 2 of the Heat-Bulls' Eastern Conference Semifinals matchup where, because of her wealth, she was able to score great seats and was within earshot of Noah as he exited the floor.

As he made his way into the Bulls locker room, Filomena shot the bird at his face. The moment was captured and spread virally throughout Twitter and the internet.

All of America was suddenly and violently and hilariously introduced to Filomena Tobias.

From Gossip Extra:

"We were getting closer to the playoffs," a source close to Tobias says, "and she thought all this stuff was going to bubble up again. She was really freaked out last year when she ended up all over the world and when reporters were calling her house.

"She wanted a fresh start."

The home was originally purchased by Seth for $4.5 million, but Filomena turned over the deed for $3.8.

According to a family attorney, Fiomena Tobias is now Mia Manente.

She legally changed her name before the playoffs started this year, according to the report.

God Speed, Miami Heat Middle Finger Lady.

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