Final Over-Under on Rothstein Sentence: 40 Years

Now that the government has come out with a recommendation that Scott Rothstein receive 40 years, the final over-under on the sentence Judge James Cohn will hand out on Wednesday morning is... 40 years.

I was going to go with a Solomonesque 35, but I have a feeling the judge will follow the government's lead on this and totally ignore the pleas from Rothstein and Nurik. We'll see.  

After the jump, I ask the question: Why do schmuck lobbyists love to pose with wine?  

And there are pictures!

Here's the truth about lobbyists -- a lot of them really do think they are special. Some of them sort of are. Ron Book, say what you will, is a hard worker, damned smart, and always on-point. Born to hustle. But some just kind of play the schmoozing game really well to get the weak and needy politicians to eat from their hands. I guess they rely on fine wine to help them along in that endeavor. That might explain this photograph:











Just imagine you're a politician looking into those eyes while drinking a big old glass of pinot. Admit it, you couldn't resist.

Now, who wins in the smugness contest, Klenet or Friedman?

(I gotta go with Friedman.)

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