First Tropical Depression Might Become a Hurricane

Well, how do you like that? It's Hurricane Season.

Yup. That soggy weather you're driving to work in today is Tropical Depression One, which is spreading its large, unseemly clouds all over Florida and threatening to get us all wet.

This trop dep is expected to gain strength and is threatening to become a tropical storm, which sucks. For now, a tropical storm watch is in effect from Fort Pierce north to just south of Flagler Beach.

Should this thing turn into a tropical storm, it'll be named Arthur, which is just the perfect name for a storm that lingers around and dumps water on us and generally makes life annoying as hell.

According to forecasters, TD-1 is going to hang around all day today, totally screwing up any beach plans anyone might've had and making your efforts to make your hair stay put a nightmare. Then, the storm is expected to strengthen.

After that, forecasters say the storm will start to turn north and slowly make its way up the coast. By Thursday, Arthur is expected to reach maximum winds of 75 mph and bend toward the northeast and hit up the Carolinas. It will probably ruin their July 4th parties.

Forecasters are also saying Arthur might even become a category 1 hurricane if conditions are right by Thursday or Friday, when it's far from us.

As for us down here in good ol' South Florida, we should expect the usual: curtains of monsoon downpours, followed by moments of quiet, followed by more sheets of rain. Tuesday's forecast calls for a 60 percent chance of rain and a 100 percent of being stuck in traffic because people become dumber when they drive in the rain.

The good news is that the storm's worst will be felt north of us. The bad news is that the local weather stations are going to tell us we're all gonna die.

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