FitzSimons Leaving Trib

Dennis FitzSimons, CEO of the Sun Sentinel-owned Tribune Co., is checking out on the day that Sam Zell checks in to buy the company. Don't worry about FitzSimons, though, his landing will be very soft, cushioned by the $40 million in cash he's taking with him.

In other big media news, an inside jab I made in the comments of this blog was in the Miami Herald this morning. The newspaper has a story, in which the Pulp plays the role of big bad wolf, on the demise of Stuck on the Palmetto. Reporter Evan S. Benn writes that the term for a blogger leaving because of conflicts with work is "dooced."

I didn't dooce Rick, of course. Rick dooced himself. But that didn't keep one reader from being so mad at what he thought I'd done that he decided never again to read the Palm Beach Post. Hey, well-informed boycotts are crucial tools in any capitalist society.

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