Five April Fool's Pranks You Should Never Try in Florida

Oh, April Fool's, you're the silliest of all the days. Yes, sillier than Arbor Day, Flag Day, and even charades night at Rick Scott's house (where 90 percent of shouted-out guesses include the words "evil" and "snake").

Whimsy reigns supreme, and across America, fun is had while Whoopee Cushions deflate faster than a SeaWorld orca's will to live.

But, alas, this isn't America. This is Florida.

And there are just certain things you can't do in Florida. So before you and your buds go outside looking to cause a little April Fool's mayhem, please pause and take a glimpse into your potential future.

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Ryan Pfeffer is Miami New Times’ music editor. After earning a BS in editing, writing, and media from Florida State University, Ryan joined the New Times staff in November 2013 as a web editor, where he coined the phrase "pee-tweet" (to retweet someone while urinating). Born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, he’s now neck-deep in bass and booty in the 305.
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