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Five Awesome Things to Have During a Hurricane (or Tropical Storm Warning)

South Florida was placed under a Tropical Storm warning earlier today in preparation for Tropical Storm Nicole. Heck, many of us Floridians are used to the pelting rain, gale-force winds, and loss of power. It's practically part of our lifestyle.

Therefore you should already have the standard supplies on hand. Mom has sent you home with copious amounts of batteries, candles, and bottled water, but what's fun about those items? Nothing.

Therefore, you have no option but to pack this list: Five awesome things to have on hand during a hurricane (or tropical storm warning) -- after the jump.

1. Alcohol
This may be a given to experienced natives, but recent arrivals may not realize how boring a hurricane can be. You're literally going to spend hours watching the rain. Alcohol may not make the time go faster, but it will make it more fun. Try to pick drinks that you like drinking warm, because no one loves a warm beer.

2. Battery-powered blender
You have the alcohol you just bought and you have Margarita mix, but really, what good are they if you can't blend them? Thank goodness for nifty gadgets! Just be sure to make the drinks before your ice melts from the power outage. 

3. Monopoly
Not only does this game last forever but if your house blows down, at least you can still own hotels.

4. Battery-powered TV
Really, what better time do you have to catch up on Maury?

5. Buried electric lines
Ok, you can't really acquire this unless you had the foresight to plan ahead and move to Coral Springs. But if you have these, you don't really need anything else on this list.

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