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Five Best Summer Camps in Fort Lauderdale to Ditch Your Kids

How do you know it's June?

Everything in your house is sticky. The Disney channel plays 24 hours a day at a volume that would give Helen Keller a headache. The only thing you've had to eat all day is a fistful of grapes and three strands of your own hair.

It's summer. Your kids are home. And you're Googling "How much Benadryl to make 8-year-old sleep for three months."

The transition to summer can be a little overwhelming for any parent. One minute your kids are gone for eight hours a day, releasing all their insane energy on the underpaid punching bag known as their teacher, the next minute they're home all day, missing the toilet and scratching you with their Nosferatu fingernails you could have sworn you just trimmed.

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