Five Better Things for LeBron James to Bump Into

LeBron James caused a ruckus last week during the Heat's November 27 game against the Dallas Mavericks. A video surfaced shortly after showing LeBron bumping into Head Coach Erik Spoelstra -- perhaps on purpose.

C'mon, LeBron, violence isn't the answer! But since he's choosing not to heed our advice, he might as well bump into things that will further his career.

Here are five things he'd be better off bumping into -- after the jump.

5. A Reality Check

Apparently people have yet to tell him that he's not God's gift basketball. If nothing else the Miami Heat is currently 11-8.

4. Michael Jordan
LeBron really needs a wizened basketball player to tell him how immature he's being.

3. Fans
With the amount of time he spends ignoring fans, this is really the only way he'll interact with them.

2. Kanye West
We all know LeBron is really waiting to tell someone "I'ma let you finish, but I'm the best basketball player in the world."

1. NBA Championship
 Because he doesn't have one yet.

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