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Five Earthiest Things to Do Around Fort Lauderdale on Earth Day

Today is Earth Day! You don't seem excited, though. Well you should be, because regardless of your religion, race, or preference in One Direction band members, the Earth is the biggest part of your life. So show some respect, all right? Today there are lots of things you can do to help celebrate the best thing that's ever happened to you, so go out and do them.

The best way to teach your kids how they can ensure their kids get to celebrate Earth Day is to educate them that they must keep in mind what kind of ecological footprint they leave on a daily basis. In the past, this wasn't exactly a thing our parents worried too much about, but it's 2015, and we have stuff, like science, that has informed us just how crappy we have been to Mother Nature. Today is a day that can help pass that education on to people who are either too young to care or too uninformed to worry; because once it's too late, there will be no do-overs.

Here are a few events, places, and ways you can celebrate Earth Day. 

Start conserving water and making some extra money, all at the same time

In honor of Earth Day, the Florida Clean Water Network is teaming with MeterHero to begin a partnership that will help fund rebates to those who conserve water. Homeowners who use the software company MeterHero to track their water and energy use will be eligible for a program that promises to straight-up pay you for using less, a step up from previous programs that paid credit for investing in devices that helped conserve energy or water. 

MeterHero will pay cash rebates — funded by companies looking to create an incentive for people to reduce their footprint on society. For every 100 gallons, 10 kilowatts of energy, or 100 cubic feet of natural gas you conserve, you will be paid a $1 rebate. Anyone wanting to learn more or sign up can visit

Join the Crazy Sexy Vegans

Members of this Broward meetup group are self-described "plant-based pioneers," and everyone knows that pioneers are damned sexy, what with their bonnets and all. These guys make their own kombucha tea (crazy!), do yoga, watch documentaries, and discuss books (sexy!). This weekend, they're volunteering and having a potluck at Treehugger Organic Farm in Davie. 

Watch President Barack Obama speak on Earth Day from Everglades National Park

President Barack Obama will be speaking at Everglades National Park today in an effort to bring more awareness to the issue of climate change. Scientists say that as the Earth warms and sea levels rise, saltwater will come into the Everglades — and into the freshwater upon which Floridians rely for drinking water — a process called saltwater intrusion. 

Celebrate Earth Day at a Palm Beach or Broward County Library With Free Eco-Fun 

Libraries across Broward and Palm Beach counties will be conducting free events and exhibits this week. Arts and crafts, gardening classes, an Earth Day Flea Market, and Bird and Shark exhibits are just a few of the family-friendly activities you can attend between tomorrow and the weekend. For a full list of activities at your local library, visit the library's website, or give it a call

Put down the Netflix, Facebook, and smartphones and go to a park.

If there was ever a day to take a break from binge-watching Daredevil or not post that one picture of your dinner, today would be it. Earth Day is named after the Earth, not the things we built on it so our bodies wouldn't have to deal with it. So maybe get outside for a few. Nobody is imploring you to go plant a tree or wear bell-bottoms and dance around in a field of sunflowers; just take a damned walk with your loved ones. 

You can find a list of parks in Broward county here and Palm Beach county here. Pack a sandwich, bring a blanket, and don't tweet about it, at least until later.
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