Five Lies Allen West Told on Mark Levin's Radio Show Friday Night

Allen West has been getting a lot of bad press lately -- news outlets across the country, including this one, latched onto his declaration that "there are 78 to 81 members of the Democrat Party that are members of the Communist Party."

He's since moved past that assertion and onto the (slightly) more reasonable discussion of the socialist, communist, and Marxist beliefs of "progressive" members of Congress, which he says he was talking about all along.

He was on Mark Levin's conservative talk radio show Friday night to talk about it, because it's tough to go on a show in which someone might actually challenge you on your facts. It's way easier to put a call in to a belligerent Republican with a microphone and get fellated for your steadfast and loyal defense of bullshit.

("Damn, you're good," Levin said, "You do your research, you're studied, you've read.")

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Rich Abdill