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Five Most Important Florida Bills That Failed

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4. Medical Marijuana Here's a tough one to figure out. According to a Miami Herald poll, as many as seven out of 10 Florida legislators support legalizing medical marijuana, but the Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act got lampooned in the Florida Legislature. In fact, it couldn't even get a hearing. Wasn't even close.

How was this so, you say? Political arithmetic. Even when everyone wants something, it still won't pass.


Instead -- because we have to protect freedom against those pot-smoking terrorists -- the Legislature instead passed a bill to ban bongs.

3. The Growler Bill Welcome to Florida, one of only three states in the Union where it's illegal to put beer inside a 64-ounce container known as a growler and sell it. You can post nuddie pics of your ex girlfriend all day, but selling beer in a growler?

Not in Florida, bub.

Even crazier: It's legal to have a 128-ounce container of beer. But we can't necessarily blame the legislators for this failure. The beer distributors vanquished this bill.

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