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Five Most Important Florida Bills That Failed

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2. The Sun Life Stadium Bill Now here's a humdinger. The Florida Legislature killed direct democracy on this one. The Miami Dolphins wanted to put a vote before Miami-Dade -- which would have had sweeping effect in Broward, too -- to decide whether to increase the hotel tax and help fund renovating Sun Life Stadium.

But the Legislature never moved on the bill, taking that right away from local voters -- and stalled $400-million renovations that may have attracted multiple Super Bowls and created 4,000 local jobs.

1. In-State Tuition For Kids of Undocumented Workers This bill would have allowed American citizens who are residents of Florida -- but are children to undocumented workers -- to pay in-state tuition at Florida schools.

Right now, they have to pay out-of-state tuition because, Florida!

Even though House Speaker Will Weatherford expressed support for the bill, and it passed the House Higher Education Committee, the bill languished afterward. Though there's been some shift in political currents over immigration policy -- nationally and locally -- Florida is still far away from granting equity to U.S. citizens who happen to be the children of undocumented workers.

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