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Five Predictions for the Miami Dolphins Under Adam Gase

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Now that the dust has settled following the Miami Dolphins' hire of Adam Gase as their new head coach, we can take a step back and speculate on what his hire means going forward. It seems every day Gase is adding a new member to his coaching staff. As the pieces fall into place, we can gauge what the team might look like moving forward. 

By "gauge," I mean make completely uninformed and overly optimistic predictions — hot-takes cooking, atop hot-take coals, inside a hot-take grill. Here are five scalding-hot predictions for the 2016-17 season under Adam Gase:

Ndamukong Suh will be in the Defensive Player of the Year discussion.
With the addition of ex-Detroit Lions defensive coach Jim Washburn to Gase's staff, Suh should feel more comfortable than ever in a system that allows him to play to his strengths and be who he is, rather than pussy-foot around like he did with Joe Philbin and his staff. Gase is said to be the sort of coach who relates well to defensive players, even though he's an offensive coach. That alone should foster a much better work environment and lead to Suh's wrecking offensive lines next season.

DeVante Parker will be the best wide receiver on the team.
Jarvis Landry is out here breaking Miami Dolphins records for receiving in a season, but next season he won't even be the best Fins wideout — that'll be DeVante Parker. What seemed like a lost season for Parker in 2015 quietly ended up being quite the positive campaign, all things considered. All you need to do is take a look at the highlights above to see that the Fins got themselves a player that in the words of Hassan Whiteside is just different. Gase will put together a game plan that makes use of the best athlete on the Miami Dolphins roster, unlike past regimes. 

Ryan Tannehill will finally have a real breakout year. 
Like, a real one — not this inflated 2016 NFL numbers stuff. Gase is being hyped as a quarterback whisperer, mostly on the backs of getting Tim Tebow to not suck for a moment and Jay Cutler to not completely suck for an entire season. Gase and new Fins offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen both have intimate knowledge of how Peyton Manning does his homework, and you can be sure they'll pass it on to Ryan Tannehill so he can actually progress for once. Past coaches put handcuffs on Tannehill. Gase will more than unshackle the Dolphins franchise player in 2016. 

The Dolphins will re-sign Lamar Miller, and he will be a Top 10 NFL running back.
Gase has already expressed his desire to keep Lamar Miller in Miami, so you can be sure that will be a priority this off-season. Miller's usage has perplexed fantasy football owners and Dolphins fans alike — but with Gase this season, that will all change. The trickle-down effect caused by Ryan Tannehill being superawesome will impact Miller the most, and he will thrive in a system that doesn't forget about him every time the other team scores a touchdown. 

The Dolphins will win the AFC East.
Yeah, I won't regret this one at all! Listen: It has to happen at some point. Tom Brady needs to age; it's frickin' science! Next season, the Dolphins should enter with a new-and-improved roster full of players ready to get off to a fresh and exciting start. The Dolphins are on the comeback, but the Patriots will still be the Patriots. We know how that has worked out over the past 15 years. 

Count me in on drinking the Kool-Aid early. The Miami Dolphins will win the AFC East in 2016-17! (Unless they don't.)

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.