Could Vince Young be the QB of the future in Miami?
Could Vince Young be the QB of the future in Miami?

Five Quarterback Options for the Miami Dolphins

A lot of things are up in the air for the Miami Dolphins this offseason. There are serious questions about the general manager, the head coach, the starting running backs, and, of course, the quarterback position.

For a little while, it looked like Chad Henne was the future of the franchise. Now, though, that future looks dark and incapable of completing even simple, short passes. Though the team has a stout defense and several dangerous weapons on offense, Henne sputtered and at times made the entire team look horrendous.

So we've put together a short list of five quarterbacking options the Dolphins might have going forward:

(It should be noted that Henne still has a few supporters who'll argue that he's still viable with the right coach, but assuming a coach that incredible is available, the team would still probably be better with several other choices.)

Five Quarterback Options for the Miami Dolphins

5. Vince Young
Upside: He was Tim Tebow before Tim Tebow. He nearly single-handedly won the greatest college football game of all time. He is 30-17 as a starter in the NFL, and he's coming off his best statistical year yet. Young has the talent and the intangibles that can will a team to victory.

Downside: Vince Young has had some off-the-field issues. A rough injury, a gun, a suicide scare, a role model gunned down in a compromising situation, and a public spat with his soon-to-be former head coach, Jeff Fischer.

Overall: If Stephen Ross -- and whoever is general manager and coach -- wants to win in this league, acquiring Vince Young might be the best way to get there.

Five Quarterback Options for the Miami Dolphins

4. Kevin Kolb
Upside: He began this season as the starter in Philadelphia, but a few questionable games and some unbelievable performances by Michael Vick means Kevin Kolb might be looking for a new gig next year. He was good enough for the Eagles to run off Donovan McNabb, and he's done well in his few chances to start.

Downside: There is a reason the Eagles went with Vick instead of Kolb: Vick was better. Kolb played well, but he wasn't winning. He looked awkward at times, and he's never won the support of his teammates.

Overall: The Dolphins have a history of taking decent Eagle backups and making them bad starters. (Cough cough A.J. Feely and Jay Fiedler cough.)

3. Chad Pennington
Upside: He led the Dolphins to the best season the team has had in a decade, and comebacks seem to be a specialty. Also, more "Hanging Chad" jokes.

Downside: Pennington's shoulders are essentially detachable at this point, and the chances of his getting through even a quarter of a season healthy are between slim and none.

Overall: Dolphins fans have to remember that during the amazing 2008 season, in which the team went from a 1-15 record to a division title and a playoff spot, the team had the easiest schedule in the league. And division rival New England was also missing a man named Tom Brady.

Anonka Dixon
Anonka Dixon
C. Stiles

2. Anonka Dixon
Upside: She's a female, possibly the best female football player in the country. Last year, she led the Miami Caliente, of the Lingerie Football League, to the highest-scoring offense in the league, personally accounting for 80 percent of the team's touchdowns. She has the moves of Michael Vick and the arm of Kurt Warner.

Downside: She's small, and she knows playing with the men means she'd probably get hurt. It's also not clear if NFL rules allow for a female to play.

Overall: Though it might not mean a lot of wins (but really, who knows?), it would certainly be an interesting experiment. The Dolphins would be infinitely more watchable.

Five Quarterback Options for the Miami Dolphins

1. Brett Favre
Upside: He put the gun in gunslinger. Just a year ago, he proved he was still one of the best quarterbacks in the game. He's incredibly compelling, both as a player and as an off-the-field Hamlet character. And yes, he's old, but Florida is where old people are supposed to go before they die. Also, if he decides he wants to play, the chances of his missing a game are about 1 in 298.

Downside: Brett Favre has more retirements on his record than Lil Wayne has precious stones in his mouth. And this latest one looks really final.

Overall: This would be great for members of the local media, for sports-talk across the country, and for local cell phone service providers, but it might not be great for winning. 

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