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Five Reasons Florida Is America's Most Infamous Marijuana State

Dear Stoner,

We understand how you're feeling. Dark and formidable challenges lay before you. While the rest of the nation -- especially Washington and Colorado -- takes strides to normalize diplomatic relations with marijuana, Florida has moved in the other direction.

Yesterday was the most recent declaration of war, but it wasn't the first. Last year, the state Legislature shot down a proposal for medical marijuana.

And there's much, much more.

All of it drives home one inescapable conclusion: Florida is America's Most Infamous Marijuana State.

5. Florida leads nation in indoor growing operations More than California, which has twice the population and girth, Florida in 2010 had more indoor marijuana cultivation operations than any other state. Roughly 820 operations were sniffed out that year.

Most of the busts go down in South Florida, the DEA says, inside what it refers to as the South Florida High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area. Because we South Floridians run our AC all year 'round, the police aren't able to discern suspiciously high electrical bills, which normally highlight where da weed at. This attracts many folk looking to grow herb.

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Terrence McCoy

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