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Five Reasons the Dolphins Should Not Go After Randy Moss

All the talk in the NFL this week is about troubled wide receiver (and Fort Lauderdale resident) Randy Moss, who was waived by the Minnesota Vikings only four games after they traded to get him -- in part because of a disturbing rant he unleashed against a local food vendor in Minneapolis.

And now plenty of people in South Florida are clamoring to join the "Bring Moss to Florida" bandwagon. Fine sports writers like the Dave Hyde are suggesting that perhaps Moss is the one thing the Dolphins need to make it to the next level.

But maybe that's not such a great idea. First off, the Dolphins definitely need more than one thing to turn all those field goals into touchdowns. Chad Henne is more than just one fickle pass catcher away from being a top-of-the-line pro quarterback, and bringing in a guy like Moss could definitely do much more to damage a franchise than to help it. (Don't believe us? Ask any Viking fan you know.)

So to make this simple, we narrowed it down to five reasons the Dolphins should not acquire Randy Moss this season.

1) These Dolphins are a diva-free team
With sensible, thoughtful players like Ricky Williams bringing calm leadership to the locker room, this team -- more than past Dolphins teams -- seems to be drama- and diva-free. Even with the acquisition of Brandon Marshall, one of the game's most contentious players, the type of internal struggles that have doomed other franchises have thus far passed the Dolphins by. There is no way that streak would continue with Moss on the team.

2) Moss shouldn't play too close to home
When Randy Moss moved into a retirement community in South Florida, it was to get away from the circus that follows him. Here, he has his children and his loved ones, and he has some serious distractions. Less than three years ago, the Broward Court system saw a restraining order filed against Moss. His attorney said the woman who filed the order was just seeking money, and she later dropped the matter, but that didn't stop the national media from discussing it for weeks.

3) Local restaurants don't need the abuse
As our food critic John Linn aptly pointed out earlier, there are plenty of places around South Florida that even Randy Moss couldn't complain about, but on the off chance he accidentally ate somewhere else, the restaurateurs in South Florida aren't nearly as polite as the good people in Minnesota. Imagine the profanity-laced tirade Moss could unleash if someone made the mistake of taking him to Taste in Delray Beach.

4) He wasn't happy with Tom Brady or Brett Favre... so, Chad Henne?
Sure, after a few weeks in Minnesota, Moss realized how much he missed playing with Tom Brady in New England. But it was too late. He was gone. He may one day realize something similar about Brett Favre. But if Moss was complaining while he had Brady and Favre throwing him the ball, who could believe having the not-a-guaranteed-Hall-of-Famer Chad Henne back there would make him productive again?

5) The Dolphins still have to play the Patriots again
Moss was excited when he was first traded to Minnesota, but by the time he had to play his old teammates from New England, he put in a less-than-noble effort. After the game, he literally saluted his former coach and quarterback, telling the world how much he missed them and what a great organization the Patriots are. Unfortunately, the Dolphins are in the same division as the Patriots. The two teams will face off at least once more this year (if not again in the playoffs), in the last week of the regular season. Do the Dolphins really want to risk bringing in someone who might not-so-secretly be longing to play for a division rival?

Moss is one of the greatest of all time. But he's not worth all that.

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