Five Reasons You Need To Be Watching the Miami Marlins Nightly

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No. 5: Tommy Hutton is losing his shit every night.

And it's great. No one -- seriously, no one-- loves them some Marlins like the Marlins color commentator. In the last week, Hutton went on a rant berating Miami fans for not giving Giancarlo Stanton a standing ovation, shrieked and squealed about shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria not getting as much respect for his defensive abilities as Atlanta Braves shortstop Andrelton Simmons, and then he morphed into Proud Papa after his guy Stanton crushed another homer.

The team's commentator since 1997, it's our privilege to listen to the unhinged Hutton.

No. 4: Adeiny Hechavarria is really fun to watch

The advanced metrics in baseball defensive numbers -- UZR and DRS -- both slot Hechavarria as a below average shortstop, believe it or not. The Marlins, though, obviously have disagreed. "They've got all these fancy numbers you measure stuff by and I guess I'm just a dinosaur," Marlins first base coach Perry Hill told Fox Sports. "I go by what I see. I know what my eyes see and my eyes tell me he's an elite shortstop." Hell, newly acquired Jarred Cosart just got here and he's already saying the same thing.

Either way, the dude makes at least one play every night worthy of celebrating.

No 3: Casey McGehee leads the league in balls off the wall

OK, so BOW is not an official stat, advanced metric or otherwise, but when reliever A.J. Ramos introduced the team's lineup last week, he accompanied a joke or interesting fact alongside each player. He said McGehee lead the league in BOW -- balls off the wall. Later that game, McGehee cranked one off the centerfield wall for one of his 27 doubles on the year, just one below Stanton with 28. Plus, the dude has just a great, great nickname.

He was a better player in the first half of the season but still, his production has been unexpected after he spent last year playing in Japan.

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