Five Songs for Bernie Sanders

Everyone loves an underdog — a phrase not exactly true when it comes to the presidential race but definitely true if you're a devout supporter of Bernie Sanders. YouTube has entire wings dedicated to parody songs, but the Bernie Sanders corner is extra special — people love them some good-old Bern, Bern. 

If you haven't yet experienced the pleasure that is Bernie Sanders supporters' passionate campaign songs, you're in for a treat. Here are five Bernie Sanders parody songs you need to listen to right now. Seriously, put down whatever you're doing and play through this list of goodies — you'll feel so much better about America when you're done. 

5. Bernie Sanders "Feel the Bern"

Oh, IT'S LIT. Nothing says Bernie Sanders like hip-hop music. Wait, what? This Bernie Sanders song is Power 96-ready; I'm not even 100 percent sure this isn't the first track off the next Talib Kweli album. This is going on my run mix right now. Whoever this rapper is, I want him to make me a personal song that will play on other people's phones when I call them. 

4. "Hey, Bernie Sanders" 

This is straight-up beautiful. This little ditty feels like the sort of song that would play as the final credits rolled at the end of a low-budget, feel-good Steve Carell movie. You know it's serious business anytime a man is playing a banjo and harmonica at the same time. Extra points to this guy for keeping it chillax and one-hundred, all at the same time.

3. "Give Bernie Sanders Your Vote"

This Bernie Sanders tribute is definitely the most wholesome of the bunch. Straightforward and to the point, this group goes a cappella to run down a list of the reasons you should give Bernie Sanders your vote — and I gotta tell you — they do a pretty darned good job of selling the man in just over two minutes of feel-good tunage

2. "Can You Feel the Bern Tonight?"

If only Elton John could give a listen to "Can You Feel the Bern Tonight," he would be so proud. Just a man and his guitar who wants corporate tax loopholes closed and knows of exactly the man who can get it done. This one especially appeals to us here in South Florida, because at some points in this performance, for some reason, he breaks off into Spanish. 

1. "Song for Bernie Sanders for President 2016" 

This gets aggressive quick. Home-dude is all swinging up in your face, letting you know why Bernie Sanders should be president, to the timely tune of "Oh Susannah." This guy seems like the sort of man who tells cashiers at Walmart why they should vote for Bernie Sanders. Any man still wearing suspenders in 2015 deserves to have his voice heard. 
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