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Five Worst Free Agent Signings in Dolphins History

The Miami Dolphins are set to sign Detroit Lions free agent Ndamukong Suh as early as today. Reports say the Fins are going to give Suh the biggest contract for a defensive lineman in NFL history: a whopping $114 million, with $60 million of it guaranteed.

The deal is so big that rumors have begun to swirl about NFL owners being miffed at Dolphins owner Stephen Ross for giving such a hefty contract to a non-skills position players. But for all his foibles, Ross has never been shy about aggressively going after what he wants.

Suh is a great player who will make an immediate impact on the defense. But because these are the Dolphins and because their recent history has been abysmal, this whole thing could very well backfire. Any number of things can go wrong. Suh can suddenly decide to suck. He could get hurt. His contract could get in the way of getting other quality players. Sun Life Stadium can fall into a sinkhole. Because, Dolphins.

So, to stay grounded and as a reminder that Dolphins are gonna Dolphins, here's a list of their worst all-time free agent signings.

5. Joey Porter: Aww yeah. Popcorn Muscles himself. In 2007, the Dolphins signed Porter away from the Steelers, giving him a whopping five-year, $32 million deal. Now while Porter had some good games here and there, including a 17-sack season, he never became the monster he was in Pittsburgh and certainly never earned the big contract Miami gave him. On top of all that, Porter seemed to get in trouble on a constant basis and was once suspended by the team for "undisclosed reasons." The worst season of his career came with Miami when, in 2007, he recorded only 5.5 sacks.

4. Ernest Wilford: Remember this guy? Wilford should have been the first sign that Bill Parcells is a major fraud and that his reputation as a Football Genius was built mainly because he was ornery and won a couple of Super Bowls with a Giants team that he didn't actually build. The Dolphins gave Wilford a four-year, $13 million deal, with a $6 signing bonus. He was big, and he was a tight end. And apparently, that was enough for Parcells to give him a fat contract. Wilford's career stats as a Dolphin? Seven games, three catches for a grand total of 25 yards.

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