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Flanagan High N-Word Bomb Threat Suspects Caught on Video, Police Say

Pembroke Police say that they have surveillance video of three suspects leaving a dresser covered in anti-Semitic graffiti and a racial slur on Flanagan High School's grounds that caused a bomb scare panic Wednesday morning.

During a press conference following the all-clear Wednesday afternoon, Pembroke Pines Police Captain Al Xiques announced that the video shows the three individuals leaving the dresser in the campus courtyard at around 3:00 a.m. Wednesday morning.

"Our detectives are working diligently to try to identify these individuals," Xiques said per the Miami Herald.

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Flanagan High had to be evacuated just before the start of classes after the cabinet was discovered by a student.

The dresser had the words "Open Me" and "Surprise Inside" scribbled on its surface, with a drawing of a swastika below the words "I hate [N-word]s."

The dresser also had the words "Surprise inside!" scrawled on it, prompting the bomb threat scare.

The Broward Sheriff's Office bomb squad had to be called to the scene while students were ushered to the PE field. Students were also allowed to be picked up by their parents after the school sent out an automated message to cell phones.

The all-clear was given at 10:30 after the bomb squad dismantled the dresser and found nothing but papers and bricks inside the dresser drawers. Classes were then to resume normally.

In addition to having surveillance video, Pembroke Police also announced that they're investigating other several bomb threat hoaxes that have come about since last year.

According to CBS Miami, police say they have a search warrant regarding to several threats at Silver Trail Middle as well as one at West Broward High School. Both schools are located in Pembroke Pines.

The warrant also says there are phone calls and emails from the suspect, including one email that read, "Tomorrow in the day I'm going to blow up the school ok."

Police say the warrant is for an individual who lives in South Broward. Though the person told police their computer was hacked.

According to the CBS Miami report, the parents of a teen who lives in the South Broward home told investigators that "their 15 year old son rejected romantic overtures from a girl and she responded by telling him that she would hack into his accounts to punish him."

According to the search warrant, however, "FBI experts opined that the computer had not been hacked."

Whether or not this investigation is connected to the Flanagan High, remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Captain Xiques told reporters that it's still too early in the investigation to determine if will be handled as a hate crime.

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