Flat-Screen Computers, Leather Recliner...and a Bidet? Welcome to Dunkin' Donuts

The Dunkin' Donuts off State Road 84 in Davie has a lot of perks for a 24-hour fast-food joint -- two flat-screen computers, a couch, a leather recliner, conference rooms available for rent at $8 or $12 an hour.

Its brightly-lit dining room full of patrons tapping away on laptops feels more like a Starbucks than a highway rest stop.

But the most unexpected luxury appears in the woman's restroom, where attached to the ordinary toilet seat is a...bidet.

For the uninitiated, the bidet is a French invention designed to wash the areas that Americans generally clean with toilet paper. Before discovering this Dunkin' Donuts, I had only encountered bidets in fancy hotels and my grandparents' ancient farmhouse.

But according to Dunkin' Donuts manager Emad, they are very common in the Middle East, specifically his native Palestine. He was thrilled when the owner of the shop, who is Muslim, installed a portable bidet in the restroom. Emad says the bidet complies with his religious ideals of cleanliness.

"We always use these," Emad says. "It's a good idea. While you sit down, just clean up."

Traditionally, the bidet is a separate basin, installed next to the toilet. But the toilet-seat attachment version, such as the one in this doughnut shop, are cheaper and becoming more common.

This model has adjustable knobs that give the customer a choice of hot or cold water. So when you stumble into the store for a glazed doughnut at 2 a.m., you can enjoy a whole new level of luxury while you wait.

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