Flo Rida's Cell Phone Number


Call Flo Rida. I did. And texted him. You know, just to say "hi, from The Juice." Flo Rida (real name Tramar Dillard) gave his number out during a CNN interview, saying of his fans:

"If they can go out and buy my albums, I can at least make the sacrifice to holler at the few people who call," he says. "A lot of times I'm busy so they'll get my voice mail. And if I can speak to them and I have time, I always text back. Because I think that's very important."

The number is: 305-528-2786. When I called, the voicemail was full, as it will most likely remain. Surely Flo has another number on which he can actually conduct business. Then again, maybe he'll answer and your head will spin. (That's right, round.)

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