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Florida 407,655 People Short of Being More Populous Than New York

In the first population estimates since 2010, the U.S. Census Bureau announced today that Florida gained 256,000 people between April 2010 and July 2011, the third-highest total behind Texas and California.

In that same time, New York gained only 87,000 people, which means Florida is getting closer to becoming the third-most populous state.

New York's currently around 19.5 million people, and Florida's around 19.1 million.

The exact (estimated) difference between the two is 407,655.

That's getting pretty close, considering New York had about 1.9 million more people in the summer of 2004, and less than 1 million more by summer 2008.

Florida's not even really close in population to any another state, as Texas -- the second-most populous -- has 25.7 million, and the state with the fifth-most people, Illinois, has only 12.9 million.

California still has a ton of people -- 37.7 million.

In total, the nation gained 2.8 million people between April 2010 and July 2011, bringing the country's total estimated population to 311.6 million.

The Census Bureau notes that the population growth in those 15 months was the lowest in the United States since the mid-'40s.

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