Florida A&M University President Resigns Over Robert Champion Hazing Scandal

On the same day that the parents of a student killed in a marching band hazing session filed a lawsuit against Florida A&M University, its president, James Ammons, has resigned, according to the Associated Press. The move comes a month after the university's board of trustees passed a vote of no confidence against the administrator; he initially vowed not to resign.

Robert Champion was a drum major in the FAMU marching band in November 2011 when he was killed on a bus parked outside of an Orlando hotel as part of a violent initiation ritual -- documents later revealed administrators had urged for a shut-down of the band for hazing practices just three days before Champion's death.

Champion's parents have already filed a lawsuit against the bus company, alleging the driver was standing guard outside of the bus while band members slowly killed Champion. 11 marching band members will go on trial for felony hazing charges in October. Prosecutors listed dozens of potential witnesses in the case, that, if it goes to trial, could impugn the entire university administration.

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