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Florida Abortion-Ban Bill: "Personal Liberty Is Not a License to Kill"

Once again, the "Florida for Life Act" has been submitted in the Florida Legislature. The bill would ban abortions not related to medical emergencies and would make it a first-degree felony to perform or assist in the performance of an abortion.

Rep. Charles Van Zant has filed the bill on the House side, and Sen. Stephen Wise -- the "Christmas Break" guy -- has filed it in the Senate, which would make abortions legal only if it's an emergency and the woman's life is at risk.

Not surprisingly, the bill uses some Bible-speak to justify the ban.

The bill states that "all human life comes from the Creator" and defines life as beginning at conception.

Further, it states that "personal liberty is not a license to kill" and that the United States Constitution makes no limitation to states making laws "which regard human life as the most fundamental gift from God."

The bill also comes with a stipulation that they beg the Supreme Court to overturn the Roe v. Wade decision and provides a maximum sentence of life in prison for doctors who perform abortions -- or anyone who assists in providing an abortion. Or anyone who runs a place where abortions take place.

It calls for any "induced" abortion to be a first-degree felony for doctors, and performing a legal abortion comes with some hoops doctors have to jump through.

Two doctors have to certify in writing that the woman would die if an abortion were not performed, or one doctor would have to certify in writing that the abortion was a medical emergency.

To read the 30 pages of mostly crazy talk, click here.

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