Florida Anti-Gay Group Gets Thank You Letter From Orlando's LGBT Visitor's Bureau

On Friday, we told you the heroes at the Florida Family Association -- a group so worried about people going to Disney World on the same day that it holds its annual Gay Day and probably have gay people going around the park telling little kids how being gay is...
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On Friday, we told you the heroes at the Florida Family Association -- a group so worried about people going to Disney World on the same day that it holds its annual Gay Day and probably have gay people going around the park telling little kids how being gay is so great and all the cool kids are doing it, and probably dressing up as Tigger just so that they can gay-grope you when you tried to take a family photo with him -- spent $16,400 for airplane banners warning people about it.

Well, turns out Converge Orlando, Central Florida's LGBT visitor's bureau, wrote the anti-gay group a letter, thanking them for bringing so much attention to Gay Day!

So, money well spent, Florida Family Association! How dare people try to gay up a theme park that celebrates flying boys in green tights and a duck that wears no pants!

Mikael Audebert, executive director of Converge Orlando, wrote the letter, in what has to be the most epic trolling ever done towards people with so much irrational hatred for another group of people ever.

In the letter, Audebert thanks the Florida Family Association for all the free publicity to Gay Day, and all the added attention brought down on themselves for all the arbitrary gay hate.

On behalf of our members, our community and our many friends, I want to personally thank you for helping us make 2013 Gay Days even more successful and well-attended than ever. It seems you once again helped draw attention to an Orlando event that brings tens of millions of dollars to the local economy. It also brings thousands of families together who come to celebrate equality and love. Instead of scaring people away, it appears your efforts have encouraged people to come and offer support. Publicity and media coverage of any kind is good for gay and lesbian travel marketing. So, THANK YOU for the $16,000 contribution in publicity!

The plane fly-overs really have no purpose other than promoting the Gay Days events. The parks already give their guests a courtesy notice about our tens of thousands of wonderful LGBT individuals and their allies being in town. So visitors are already 'warned of gays." Again this year, the same parks racked up another record level of attendance on the first weekend of June. Our experience with non-LGBT visitors last weekend was warm and gracious. The families we spoke to were happy to have gays and lesbians celebrate in the same manner every other group does in the parks.

We are counting on you to rent more planes and stir up more controversy about any week-long gay and lesbian event in Orlando. Please continue to rally your troops and make incendiary statements. Urge unequal treatment for some citizens and flaunt your misguided values. To make your job easier in the future, we are adding three new large LGBT events starting next year. We thought you would appreciate the opportunity to continue your efforts year round.

Next year, why don't you just write a check directly to Converge Orlando to further promote LGBT tourism to our region? While I doubt you will take me up on this suggestion, I nonetheless look forward to working with you again next year in supporting another successful Gay Days.

Apparently, the Florida Family Association head gay hate guy, David Caton, caught wind of the letter and blew himself his gasket and responded to Audebert in his own letter by using some weird circular logic to determine that he and the gay haters won this round. Also, he starts his letter with "Ha Ha!":

Ha Ha!

If we didn't have a variety of impacts on this you wouldn't have taken the time to try to prove your case.

We recognize that your side worked hard to influence Floridians to go to Gay Day to make up for the loss that influence with regular families. BTW influencing Florida residents does not have the same impact as out of state tourists.

Disney's numbers for NONE-Gay Day attendees were down substantially thanks in part to our online publicity and these airplanes.

Nice try.


Ooooohhh ZING!

Just the very idea that you wrote your letter proves that you've lost, gays! Disney's attendance for NONE-Gay Day attendees were down substantially even though there are no real numbers to back this up other than the arbitrary stats we like to show to shoehorn our hateful agenda. Also, because so many people hate you gays so much so that's how we know we win Ha Ha! Nice try.

Canton then took to his website and declared VICTORY! Because everyone knows you can't be the official winner of stuff until it's put on the internet.

Better luck next time, gays!

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